Interdisciplinary Concerts

As a photographer hobbyist, closet dancer, and poetry enthusiast who’s had the good fortune of meeting like-minded artists, an interdisciplinary concert was a natural next step.

With my interest in Southeast Asian culture, I directed the concert “Lumina,” with Lou Harrison’s Varied Trio and other gamelan-inspired music becoming the featured works.

Also in the program were music by Colin McPhee, Claude Debussy, and Gareth Farr–composers inspired by the gamelan (Southeast Asian gong ensemble)–as well as some Piazzolla tangos, and overlay elements of the Ramayana story.

The result was a magical collaboration with dancer Julie Petry and video artist Ron Lambert, along with a some excellent performers (percussionist Jacob Gall, pianist Naomi Niskala, violinist Kenneth Sarch, and dancers Elizabeth Potter, Shaakira Bradshaw, and Dreland Goar).

This gamelan-inspired music is now available on CD! Gamelan on Piano is on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.

In an earlier project, I also collaborated with visual artist Lisa Corine von Koch, performance artist Hunter Fine, and dancer Julie Petry. In “Evocación: Visions of Spain, Cuba, and Southeast Asia,” I juxtaposed music with live drawing and with poetry by Federico García Lorca and Rainer Maria Rilke.

These projects are great fun at the same time that they require a tremendous amount of work and dedication. It is my hope to present more performances like these in the future.

Photo credits: Gary F. Clark